UTC Counseling Center Practicum / Internship Application

Welcome to the application for UTC Counseling Center Practicum/Internship placement.  

Practicum placements are designed as the first step in gaining hands-on, face to face experience providing counseling to clients as a part of a Masters level Counseling or Social Work program.  Practicum students participate in 10 hours/week of onsite work to to achieve the CACREP minimum of 100 total hours - 40 direct/60 indirect hours during the semester.   Applicants must be enrolled in (or plan to enroll) in a Practicum class for the semester for which they are applying for Practicum placement.   

Internship placement is usually spread out over two semesters and Interns participate in 20 hours/week of on-site work to achieve the CACREP minimum of 600 total hours - 240 direct/360 indirect.  Applicants much have already completed Practicum class with a passing grade (or be making satisfactory progress in your current Practicum placement) in order to apply for Internship.  

We recommend you consider applying for practicum in the summer and internship to be completed during Fall and Springs semesters consecutively.  We will consider other arrangements on a case by case basis.

The application deadline for Fall semester is:
- Fall - April 1st
- Spring - October 1st
- Summer - February 1st.  

Applicants will be contacted for an initial screening which will help us determine who will be invited for face to face interviews.  Interviewees will be notified after all interviews have been completed to inform you whether you will be offered a placement or not.  We understand that applicants often apply at several placements, so if you are offered a placement we request a prompt response (within a week).   This process usually takes at least several weeks after the deadlines close for us to arrange complete interviews and select candidates, so please be patient.  If you accept another placement or need to withdraw your application for any reason, or have any questions, please call 423-425-4438.     

Thank you and we wish you all the best in your training, 

The UTC Counseling Center Team.  
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