Request for Student Housing

Request for Medical Student Housing at the Hayden Place Apartments in Chattanooga, Tennessee (leased by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center)

If you are a medical student who has been approved for a student rotation in Chattanooga, please complete and submit the form below by clicking on the Submit Button at the bottom of the page when you complete all fields.  Submission does not guarantee housing, but the date of request is a factor.  Priority for assigning the 14, two-bedroom apartments is:

Housing Assignment Guidelines

  1. First Priority: 3rd year UTHSC students
  2. Second Priority: 4th year UTHSC students 

*Students are limited to a total of 6 Blocks in the apartments, depending on the need and capacity for the apartments.

Since we frequently have more than 28 students, it helps if students from the Chattanooga area stay with friends or family to maximize available housing. 

 *UT currently leases fourteen (14) two-bedroom apartments for our medical students to reside at Hayden Place Apartments near downtown Chattanooga. Two (2) students of the same gender are assigned to each apartment unless two married medical students are rotating in Chattanooga at the same time. 

*Additionally, if UT Medical Students intend to complete most of their Clerkship and Elective rotations in Chattanooga, they are required to obtain their own housing at their expense.  This helps to provide housing for those who may not have other options.

*We are not able to begin reviewing the student housing roster until thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the rotation.  If we see any sign of housing limitations, we will notify you IMMEDIATELY. If you do not hear about limitations, you will receive a "Welcome" email approximately 7-10 days prior to the beginning of the rotation, which will include detailed check-in and Orientation instructions.

Please complete all the forms fields listed below.

As soon as you  have scheduled and been approved for a medical student rotation in Chattanooga (via the UT Student Scheduling System), please complete the following forms and contact the GME Office at MSE@erlanger.org.

Please Review the Housing Policy here.

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