2020 Strategic Plan: Employee Survey
1. Name ONE success of UT Extension today.
2. What is your ONE greatest frustration with UT Extension?
3. Other than a pay increase, how could UT Extension provide you with greater job satisfaction?
4. What is ONE UT Extension rule/policy that is a barrier to performing your job?
5. Think about the resources you have and the resources you need to do your job successfully. “Resources” include human resources, technology, training, supplies, and equipment. What resources do you need, that you do not presently have, to enhance your job performance?
6. Please name one or two criteria that should be used to determine staffing allocations?
7. What Extension educational program(s) do you anticipate will have the highest priority in the next five years?
8. What Extension educational program(s) do you anticipate will be obsolete five years from now?
9. What one to three delivery methods do you believe will be the most effective in five years?
10. Please name one or two criteria that should be used in evaluating programs?
11. Think about social, political, and economic changes or trends in your community. What is the ONE most important change or trend in your community that will impact Extension over the next five years?
12. What is the ONE marketing strategy that UT Extension should strengthen or implement?
13. As a part of the strategic planning process, we will be developing an updated UT Extension values statement. Please select from the list below five values that if emulated by our employees will likely ensure the success of UT Extension.
14. UT Extension is conducting area meetings to involve all employees in the strategic plan. Please identify FIVE of the following issues that employees need to discuss. Please mark the issues that you consider paramount to the future success of UT Extension. Check the box to indicate the FIVE issues for discussion.
15. What base program or programs best identifies your work? (Please mark all that apply.)
16. What is your current institutional status?
17. How many years have you been employed with Extension?
18. What is your current job title?
19. If there is anything else you would like to share that would assist us in the strategic planning effort, please write it below: