This survey is designed to provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences in Tennessee Extension Master Gardener (TEMG) intern training classes in 2019. When you take 10-12 minutes to answer these questions and provide feedback, we will be able to continue to tailor our local and statewide TEMG program to meeting the needs of participants as well as the wider Tennessee population educated by TEMG outreach efforts. 

This survey is anonymous, and you are free to skip questions or quit the survey at any time. We very much appreciate  your time and thanks in advance for your feedback!
Questions marked with a * are required
1. Which county put on your Extension Master Gardener intern training (select one)?
2. What were the reasons that you decided to participate in a Tennessee Extension Master Gardener intern training? (select all that apply)
3. Please indicate your increase in knowledge (if any) on these topics through an Extension Master Gardener intern training program (please answer all that apply)
0% increase in knowledge
100% increase in knowledge
The roles, mission, and organization of the Tennessee Extension Master Gardener program
Tennessee soils and their use and management in gardens and landscapes
Water and/or soil stewardship in my garden or landscape
Selecting and managing vegetables in the home garden
Selecting and managing tree fruits and small fruits for home production
Selecting and managing annuals and perennials in the residential landscape
Selecting and managing woody plants(trees and shrubs) in the residential landscape
Selecting and managing turfgrass in the residential lawn
Introduction to plant pathology and diagnostics and control options for ornamental and edible plants
Basic entomology and integrated pest management in the garden and landscape
Basic weed science and management in gardens and landscapes
Attracting and controlling wildlife in my garden or landscape
4. Which classes were the most interesting and valuable to you?
5. Which topics or classes were not a part of the intern training that you would like to see added?
6. Please indicate how you have or will put knowledge gained in the TEMG intern training program into  practice:  (please answer all that apply)
I do not plan to implement these practices
I used these practices before intern training
I plan to implement because of  intern training
I have already implemented since/during  intern training
Selecting turfgrass and landscape plants based on plant needs and site conditions

Using mulches, proper pruning and mowing in the lawn and landscape

Using fertilization and irrigation practices that protect water quality in the lawn and landscape

Selecting vegetable and fruit crops with disease resistance and management in mind

Using sanitation, pruning, training, proper ID and control materials to manage pests in vegetable and fruit gardens

Using irrigation, mulches, cover crops, and tillage practices to support soil quality and plant growth in the vegetable and fruit garden

Selecting and managing plants in my garden or landscape to support wildlife and pollinators

7. Please indicate your perceived "value" of this EMG intern training program to you in terms of money saved, increased property value, conservation/stewardship, quality of life, or the value of the information itself.
8. Which types of Extension Master Gardener service projects are the most interesting to you? (select all that apply)
9. To what degree do you plan to complete the 40 hours of volunteer service needed to be certified as an Extension Master Gardener?
10. Are you...
11. Are you....
12. What age group describes you?
13. Do you?