RCIO post-conference evaluation
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this RCIO post-conference evaluation. Your ratings and comments help us to continue improving the RCIO experience each year.
Please let us know how you feel we did with each of the conference elements listed below. Your input will help us understand what to maintain or change as we work toward even better RCIO conferences in the future.
Not so much; try again
Did ok; room to improve
Great job; keep it up
Clear call for submissions
Easy website navigation
Reasonable registration fees
Helpful UTC Hosts
Good hotel accommodations
Easy to travel to/from Chattanooga
Easy to find the conference location on UTC's campus
Easy to find session rooms
Good food (refreshments and lunch)
High quality presentations
Not so much; try again
Did ok; room to improve
Great job; keep it up
Engaging poster session
Excellent overall conference management
Please let us know your level of agreement/disagreement with the following statements:
Disagree strongly
Agree strongly
I am planning to attend RCIO next year.
I will encourage friends and colleagues to attend RCIO in the future.
I look forward to future RCIO conferences.
Next year's RCIO conference is focused on how psychology can help us do more with data analytics. Any thoughts or ideas on possible speakers and/or related topics you would like to see explored through RCIO 2019?
What other feedback do you have for us that would help us make RCIO a conference you look forward to attending on a regular basis?