Post-Study Abroad Evaluation Form
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First and Las Name
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What was your academic standing while abroad?
What is your major?
Where did you study abroad?
When did you study abroad (semester/year):
Which program did you study abroad through?
Please answer Yes or No to each of the following questions:
Was this your first time
travelling outside the US?
studying abroad?
If you studied abroad in a traditional location (i.e. Europe or Oceania), and were to study abroad again, would you be open to study abroad in a non-traditional location? If so, where? (check all that apply).
If you studied abroad in a non-traditional location, and were to study abroad again, would you study abroad in another non-traditional location? If so, where? (check all that apply).
Assessment of the Academic Program
I could get the courses that I wanted
The courses I took in my major fulfilled UTC requirements for my major
The courses I took in my minor fulfilled UTC requirements for my minor
The courses I took abroad fulfilled UTC general education requirements
Please indicate how much opportunity you had for the following:
A great deal
A moderate amount
None at all
Contact with host country nationals
Contact with other international students
Forming friendships with other international students
Seeing how a wide variety of people lived in the host culture
Visiting museums, historical points of interest either alone or with the program
Because I studied abroad, the length of time I need to complete my UTC degree will
The workload was
The instruction was
The instructors were available for questions
Besides tuition, room, meals, and airfare where else did you spend the most money? (check only two)
If you selected "Other" in the previous section, please list
What type of housing did you stay in while abroad?
Please provide feedback on your housing:
As a result of studying abroad
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I have gained better insights into myself
I have a greater sense of independence and self-confidence
My ability to make friends and adapt to new situations has increased
I am more receptive to different ideas and ways of seeing the world
I have gained a new perspective on my own country
My interest in language learning has increased
I have become more interested in academic study
I plan to change my major
My career plans have changed or have become more focused
Overall, how would you compare what you gained abroad with what you would have gained in a comparable period of time at UTC?
What were the most desirable aspects of the program?
What were the least desirable aspects of the program?
What are the primary benefits you feel you derived from your participation in the program?
Different students have different objectives in study abroad, as well as different levels of preparation, and no one program is right for everyone. What sort of students, if any, would you recommend for this program?
What sort of students, if any, would you NOT recommend for this program?
What sort of language proficiency do you recommend for participants entering this program (if any)?
Before studying abroad, what didn't you know that you wish you had known?
Did you experience culture shock while studying abroad? If yes, how did you manage it and how long did it last?
You have experience travelling to, from, in and around the city, region and country where you studied abroad. Many students looking to go abroad would love to hear your advice. In order to help students to prepare for their time abroad, we ask that you write down any advice you can think of pertaining to the following:
What to pack & what not to pack
Unsafe areas to avoid
The educational system
Places to eat or buy groceries cheaply
Places to go on the weekend
Any other advice/tricks of travelling/must see or do/etc.
Would you be interested in speaking with prospective study abroad students about any questions they may have (i.e. if a student wants to study abroad through the program you participated in, or in the country you studied in, would you be willing to speak with that student about your experiences)? If you select "Yes" we'll provide interested students with your UTC email address so that they can reach out to you with any questions they may have.
Would you like to learn about ways to get involved with the Center for Global Education (i.e. International Buddy Program, CGE events, etc)?
Thank you for completing this evaluation. The Office of Study Abroad truly appreciates your feedback.