Johnson City Fire Dept Community Survey 2019
1.Hello Neighbors,

The Johnson City Fire Department is developing a comprehensive community-driven strategic plan with the help of the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Assistance Service. This plan is intended to address the future goals and objectives, while ensuring that we are addressing the community priorities as you, the residents and visitors identify, in a more proactive manner for the next five years. Also, this community-driven strategic planning process is a part of the Johnson City Fire Department’s International Accreditation effort, which ensures we are always striving for excellence through continuous improvement and will be an ongoing effort, updated at least every five years.

We are requesting your personal and individual observations and input regarding the Johnson City Fire Department in this survey. Your participation is a critical component and will ensure a successful community-driven strategic plan is developed and implemented through this process.

If you have any questions regarding this survey and process, or would like to learn more about the Johnson City Fire Department please contact us via email or phone, listed below. Also, our Department webpage is listed below for your reference.

Phone: (423) 975-2840
Web Page:

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process. The opportunity to serve the community is our pleasure and honor.


James R. Stables, CFO, Fire Chief
Johnson City Fire Department