Webinar Series: Pandemic to Possibility
A free webinar series for Tennessee businesses and organizations and UT alumni worldwide

General Comments

  • Enabled peer-review/collaboration.
    - utsystemnews  3 years ago, 19-Aug-2020
The statewide University of Tennessee System, Tennessee Chamber and Alliance for Better Nonprofits of East Tennessee are working together to create:

o   A free series of 60- to 90-minute live webinars,
o   Available to Tennessee businesses and organizations and UT alumni worldwide,
o   Featuring UT experts and alumni and business leaders,
o   Customized for various industries,
o   Designed to share insights, ideas and opportunities, and
o   Structured to foster ongoing discussion

To create webinars that are effective in helping navigate the impacts of COVID-19—we need your input. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey, sharing your opinions on topics and presentation formats that would be the most impactful.
Questions about this project can be directed to Ellie Amador, director of marketing for the UT System, by emailing [email protected].

Please start the survey now by clicking on the Next button below.
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