2020 Cheatham County Fun Fair-Youth Entry Form

2020 Cheatham County Virtual Fun Fair Rules and Guidelines
1. Entries are open to residents of Cheatham County and any members of UT/TSU Extension programming such as 4-H Clubs, Master Gardeners, and fce members.
2. Any duplicate entries will be disqualified.
3. Youth classes are open to youth 18 years or younger.
4. Entries will be accepted from August 17-21, 2020. Judging will be completed by September 4, 2020.
5. All items must be made or grown within the past year.
6. No person may enter more than one entry per class.
7. Entry will be by photo. Only one photo per entry. Photo should include a ruler or measuring tape beside entry if stated in catalog. 
8. All horticulture entry photos should be submitted on a standard white paper plate. 
9. This is just a fun competition. Winners will only receive a ribbon award and online recognition. No monetary rewards will be given.
Tips and Tricks for Capturing the Best Photo for Entry
1. Shoot from different angles and perspectives, such as from up above looking down, from ground level looking up, side views and/or as specified in the entry requirements for the class. 
2. Check your background to ensure there is little to no clutter in your photo frame. 
3. Seek good lighting. Consider photographing:  
a. Outdoors on a cloudy day  
b. An hour after sunrise  
c. An hour before sunset  
d. Indoor location with lots of light (ceiling light as well as additional lamps) 
4. Hold the camera straight. 
5. Fill the frame by getting in close to your object.
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