This survey will help Tennessee Extension determine if our lawn, garden, and landscape information is reaching the needs of residents across Tennessee through garden shows, fairs, presentations, and events. When you take 3-5 minutes to answer these few, brief questions, we will be able to better educate and assist residents through consumer horticultural education now and in the future. This survey is anonymous, and you are free to skip questions or quit the survey at any time. We very much appreciate  your time and thanks in advance for your feedback!
Please check all Gardeners Toolshed classes that you attended in 2019
I have increased my knowledge on these topics through Extension presentations and events by this amount:  (please answer all that apply)
0% increase in knowledge
100% increase in knowledge
Selecting the best landscape plants for my site and purpose (groundcover/winter interest)
Insect & disease ID and treatment options for vegetable gardens & landscape plants
Selecting the best vegetable crops and varieties for my garden (cultivar lists/planting guides)
Caring for garden vegetables (planning/planting/ mulching/fertilizing/watering)
Soil & Water stewardship and general sustainable practices and BMPs in the home landscape (compost/cover crops/erosion control/compaction)
I plan to implement or have already implemented these practices because of Extension presentations and events:  (please answer all that apply)
I had implemented before the presentation or event
I plan to implement because of the Extension presentation or event
I have already implemented because of the Extension presentation or event
Selecting landscape plants based on plant needs and site conditions, & design purpose, not just appearances
Fertilizing based on soil tests to conserve and protect water quality in the lawn and landscape
Implementing soil & water conservation practices in the home landscape (Erosion control/Alleviate compaction)
Selecting vegetable crops for my climate with disease resistance as well as preferred flavor/appearance
Using proper ID and product charts to select treatment materials for the control of insects, weeds, and diseases in my vegetable garden
Using cover crops, mulches, & tillage practices to support soil quality in my vegetable garden and home landscape
Using season extension methods to prolong the period of harvest in my vegetable garden
Using Intercropping and/or Interval planting in my vegetable garden
List some horticulture interest topics that you would like to see covered in the future
Please indicate your perceived "value" of each program in terms of how it can impact your lawn, garden, or landscape through money saved, increased property value, conversation/stewardship, quality of life, or the value of the information itself.
Do you plan to buy plants, garden, or landscape supplies as a result of Extension presentations or events?