IBP_International Student_Spring 2020
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First Name
Last Name
Personal Email Address
What is the best way your buddy can communicate with you? List an email address or a phone number/username/handle for apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, etc.
For example: +14230425-5936 for WhatsApp 
What gender do you identify as?
Do you speak a language other than English?
What best describes you?
How old are you?
What is your home country?
What is your major?
How long are you planning to be at UTC?
Where are you planning to live?
Which of the following activities do you enjoy? Select all that apply.
Would you like to be picked up from the Chattanooga Airport?
Please note that airport pick ups are only available from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA).
If you live off-campus, you will be dropped off at UTC and it will be your responsibility to find transportation to your off-campus housing
If you chose "yes" for the previous questions and want to be picked up at the airport, please type your flight number AND your arrival time to CHA
If you are not sure yet, please write "don't know yet."
Please, attach a copy of your flight itinerary
I understand that if I need airport pick up, I will need to fill out an airport pick up form located at https://www.utc.edu/international-students/newstudent/index.php