Study Abroad 102 Information Session - Fall 2019
Questions marked with a * are required
Please note: While you do not need to attend a Study Abroad 101 session prior to attending a Study Abroad 102 session, it can be beneficial to have the Study Abroad 101 information prior to attending the 102 session. Please remember that it is required that students attend both Study Abroad 101 and 102 prior to applying for a study abroad program.
First and Last Name
UTC Email Address
Current Academic Standing
Am I eligible to study abroad at UTC?
I am a degree-seeking student at UTC
I am a full-time student at UTC
I will have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application
I will (or will have) completed a minimum of 24 credit hours (freshman) or 12 credit hours (transfers) at UTC before departing
What are your goals for studying abroad?
Goal 1:
Goal 2:
Goal 3:
Do you receive the Federal Pell Grant?
When do you want to attend a Study Abroad 102 session? Please note, all Study Abroad 102 information sessions will be held in the UC Ocoee Room.
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